Sleepless Near Seattle

We made it back to John Day, Oregon, played at the Outpost and took off for the Okanogan Family Faire (Barter Faire) near Tonasket, Washington. It was a grueling weekend with little sleep and much fun. We played on the main stage, at Winer's tasting tent, at campfires and along the trail. The drum circle and other performers on the main stage played until near sunrise, so sleep was at a premium. We met an old friend from Rendezvous at the Barter Faire, Little Bear from Hope, Idaho and we "hope" to be playing at his tavern and pizzeria up there some time next spring or early summer. We have moved on to the Seattle-Tacoma area and are playing at jam sessions at some of the local clubs. We are impressing the locals favorably and we should have gigs here next year that we can coordinate with the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous scheduled for Bear Valley in Oregon next June. We're catching up on our sleep at Randi's - she's the keyboard player and singer who got us set up at the Turtle Shell in Portland and she is getting us into all the right clubs and introducing us to all the right people. It's overcast and raining but you knew that.

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