Eastern Excursion

We have acheived focus! Harry and I just returned from the EPR held at Muddy Run State Park near Lancaster, PA. We had a great time there as guests of our hostess and Booshway Cheryl "Bubbles" Gallagher and got to spend time with many old friends. Following the EPR, we went to Baltimore, MD to play with "Baltimore Red" Jones. We wound up at a recording studio and laid down tracks for 10 songs that will appear on future CD projects - yes, we're working on our next release - stay tuned! From Baltimore, we travelled to St. Louis where we stayed at Fort Charette with Wheelock Crosby Brown. Crosby has created an astounding 18th Century retreat on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River about 25 miles southwest of St. Louis. We played at parties on Oct. 6th at Fort Charette and at the Woodcutter's Ball on October 7th. We stayed over an extra day to play/audition at BB's, the #1 Blues & Jazz club in downtown St. Louis. We opened for the Terry Evans Band and had a successful performance - we were invited back to play for money on our next tour. We should be going to Florida in January, so look for us in St. Louis in January and February, 2008.

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