Winter 2008 Tour

February 1st: We are checked in to the Benchmark Hotel two blocks off Beale Street in downtown Memphis. We played our first session in front of the judges at the W. C. Handy Blues Hall. It is a wonderfully decreipit old shotgun bar on Beale Street next door to the Rum Boogie Cafe. The Blues Hall has autographed guitars from Willie Dixon and Furry Lewis on the walls and is dripping with Blues Patina. We played a strong set that started with "Engineer Man" and progressed to "Drinking to Forget", "Way Down South", "Gone But Not Forgotten", "Go On Back Home", "Love is What You Make It" and "River Trader Blues". We got a good response from the crowd and one judge and the Venue Coordinator praised our efforts. We then went to Silky O'Sullivan's and ate oysters. We'll see how things go tonight. The winners of the semi-finals will be announced tonight and we will all go to the Orpheum Theatre to watch or participate in the Finals. The library here is closed on Saturday, so I won't be able to put results on the website until next week. It is all very exciting and we can't wait to get back up on stage and give it our best.

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