Winter 2008 Tour

February 4th: Well, we didn't win but we think we were a close second to the guys who won our venue. We attended the Finals at the Orpheum Theatre and went back to the hotel to drown our sorrows in moonshine and beer - Wait 'til next year! The semifinal competition took place over two days, Thursday and Friday. The finals were held on Saturday night. There were ten acts at each venue, 100 bands and 60 solo/duo. A panel of four judges determined the scores of the contestants and the panels changed from night to night. Five judges determined the eventual winners, Lionel Young (First) and Ben Prestage (Second). Two judges at the Blues Hall took the time to personally praise our performances after they scored us. We made friends with Memphis Annie and will play at her hotel, the Mentone Inn, the next time we are in Alabama. We got our CD's into XM Radio Bluesville DJ Bill Wax's hands with the help of our Venue Coordinator, Liz Lottman and made many other contacts that will help us get into bigger and better gigs down the line, including more festivals. We have to go back to Gainesville, Florida to get my truck (blown transfer case - $ouch!$). Then we will play in St. Louis and Nashville before we go back to the Rocky Mountains. I'll update the Calendar shortly.

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