Winter 2008 Tour

February 13th: Well, we are truly big stars now! We had to cancel the gigs in Nashville due to illness. Harry came down with the bug that laid Shirley low in Memphis and he can't sing or blow harmonica and he sure doesn't feel like playing guitar. We are in Montrose, Colorado and will be back in Vernal, Utah today. Harry was too sick to go out on the town in Nashville on Friday, February 8th, but I went to see the Travis Mann band (our hosts' son is the front man) down on Lower Broadway. This is the best Country band I have heard in years, they have sold 40,000 copies of their first CD and have another one that will be out soon. They play old time C & W, along the lines of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams with a Rockabilly drive. They play with confidence and swagger and are just plain fun! There was a fine cowboy band across the street at Robert's Bar and we finished the night there. Harry and I drove to Washington, Missouri to play at Otis Campbell's, a bar down on front street next to the railroad tracks and the Missouri River. We were well received by our audience who were mostly friends of our host, Wheelock Crosby Brown of Fort Charrette. The set went well but Harry woke up feeling worse and on Monday we decided to get him back to Utah, as he thought he would not be able to play at Most Wanted Pizza in Nashville on the 15th and 16th. So, DON'T LOOK FOR US IN NASHVILLE THIS WEEKEND! WE WON'T BE THERE!! This trip had its highs and lows but we will carry on and try to leverage our experiences into more and better gigs. Watch that Calendar!

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